Library Rules

General rules and code of conduct for the library

Library Rules
The Mississippi County Library offers many services to its patrons. It is the patron’s responsibility when in the library or using library materials to follow the rules of the library. If you do not follow these rules, you will be asked to leave the library and potentially lose library privileges.

  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in the library areas. Eating is allowed in designated staff areas and in the community room, if the contract is signed and room rental fees are paid.
  • Personal phones or interaction with other patrons is permitted but must be kept at an acceptable noise level. If the noise level gets out of control library staff may ask patrons to speak softer or to leave the library.
  • NO profanity ever is allowed in the library.
    Service animals only are permitted in the library. Patrons cannot bring in any other animals to the library.
  • Shirts, shoes, pants must be worn at all times.
  • Vandalism is never permitted. Legal action will take places if damages occur.
  • Personal belonging, items or documents will be in a lost and found up to three months before it will be disposed of.
  • NO smoking, tobacco use, alcohol or drugs permitted in the library. Patrons will be forced to leave the library immediately.
  • Fighting is not permitted in the library; legal authorities will be notified.
  • Children must be accompanied with adults. No running, jumping, climbing or going into restricted staff only areas.
  • Children will not be permitted to check out any adult material without the permission of their responsible party. If there is not a written permission release by the responsible party, the responsible party must be present.

Failure to follow any of these rules and guidelines the librarian has the right to ask you to leave the library. If actions continue without leaving, local law enforcement will be notified to escort the individual out and that individual will be banned from the library.

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