Internet Use Policy

Policy for using computers and the internet.

    Mississippi County Library District Contract
Computer Use and Internet Access

This policy applies to all users of the Mississippi County Library District when using the computer and Internet.  The Library provides computer workstations and Internet access to Library users as a privileged service not a right.  Therefore, all users must understand and agree in writing to the following policies to obtain access to the computers and Internet.


  1. Users are required to sign a computer agreement to be kept on file before having access to any computer. All Users under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present who will also sign the agreement.
  2. Users must sign up with Library Staff for Internet use at a public service desk.  Sign-up sheets are kept for an entire year for record keeping purposes.
  3. Users time is limited to one hour per day.  Additional time may be available at the discretion of the librarian if no other patrons are waiting to use the computer.  Library staff is not responsible for time lost through not signing off the computer properly, phones calls taken, or browsing the library while assigned to a workstation. Unused time may be used later the same day, provided the Patron signs off the computer properly.
  4. There is a limit of two users per workstation, and both must be signed up concurrently.
  5. Patrons owing fines and fees over $.50 will be blocked from using the Library’s Internet Computers. Patrons are required to return overdue items or work out a payment plan with the Administrator.
  6. Users may print at the rate of $0.25 per page. Printouts may be picked up at service desk.  For colored copies please see staff for further instructions.  All colored copies are for $1.00 per page.
  7. If inappropriate sites are accessed, the following steps will be taken:
    1. First Instance: The user will be asked to exit the site and lose their computer privilege for the day.
    2. Second Instance:  The user will lose computer privileges for the next six months.
    3. Third Instance:  The user will lose all library privileges permanently at the Mississippi County Library District.
  8. System Maintenance must be performed by the Library Staff only. No unauthorized software may be downloaded from the Internet, installed, or executed from any source.
  9. Library computers will only be used for their attended purposes.  Do not add or delete programs for the hard drive.  All computers are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.  Vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges.  Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware, software, or data of another user.
  10. Users may not use an Internet site to misidentify or misrepresent themselves, the Library or any of its policies, or to commit forgery or fraud in any manner.
  11. Users may not employ Library Equipment for purposes of libel, slander, or any form of harassment.
  12. Users may not systematically employ Library Equipment to operate a business.
  13. In Compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Library has subscribed to blocking/Filtering technology on all computers with Internet access.  Blocking/Filtering subscription is based through Anderson Computer.  To protect minors from harmful  & inappropriate material the following Internet (AUP) guidelines were compiled using policies from libraries across the state of Missouri.
  14. Access to social media sites that do not have inappropriate pictures or offensive language is allowed. 
  15. Access to email is allowed on all computers.
  16. Staff reserves the right to remove access to the Internet if deemed appropriate.
  17. All computer workstations will be shut down 10 minutes before closing.  If a patron comes in after the 10-minute shut down they will not be permitted to use the computers. If a patron come in before the 10-minute shut down they will be directed by library staff that they will not receive their full hour due to the shut down time but will be allowed to use computers. Computer users will receive a 10-minute warning prior to shut down time to finish any business.


Library Staff cannot entertain or supervise your children while you use the library resources. Supervision must be provided for young children.

If patron is under the age of 16 we must have parent’s signature in addition to child’s signature.  Parent must be with children under the age of 16 while child is on computer. 

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